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The Adoption Search Specialist

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The Adoption Search Specialist
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The Adoption Search Specialist is a Licensed California Private Investigation Firm - LIC# PI 25246

Lisa Townsend is a licensed California Private Investigator specializing in adoption searches throughout the United States. Since 1998, she has brought the pure joy and relief of reunion to adoptees, birth mothers, birth fathers, siblings, and other loved ones who have been separated by adoption. With the belief that everyone has a right to know who their birth family is, Lisa has reunited over 3,000 families separated through adoption and relinquishment.

Lisa has personal experience with the reunification process. In 1998, she reunited with her younger half sister who was placed for adoption at birth. With the insights of this firsthand experience, Lisa works tirelessly to make the reunion as smooth, comfortable, and quick as possible. She is available for any support that may be needed through the search process, to ease the anxiety and fears that may arise. It is her mission to prepare clients for first contact, and serve as a guide through first contact via phone or letter.

Lisa provides the highest level of confidentiality. While each adoption search is unique, she typically completes a search within the first few weeks. Others can take up to several months. Whether the task is small or large, Lisa is dedicated to completing the search and reuniting you with your family.