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Beginning a reunion search is the start of an incredibly rewarding, emotional journey that begins with a single step: choosing a search specialist. If you’re looking for a lost loved one, you know that the process requires perseverance, dedication, and personal fortitude. Let us take care of the search for you, so you can focus on what really counts: Your reunion.

We can help you answer the questions you’ve been asking you’re whole life.

The Adoption Search Specialist is proud to have reunited over 3,000 families separated through adoption and relinquishment. If you are searching for reunion with a birth parent, siblings, adoptees, or other loved ones, The Adoption Search Specialist can help.

We will help bring you peace of mind. Your searches are conducted confidentially and ethically, using our combined experience, knowledge, expertise, and all legal methods available. Your information and the communications involved are kept strictly confidential, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy.

You can be confident that the Adoption Search Specialist completes all research needed to reunite adoptees, birthmothers, siblings, and all family members separated by adoption in a timely manner. At the conclusion of your search, we will promptly release to you the most current name, address, and other detailed information about the person you seek.

If you are interested in a reunion, the Adoption Search Specialist is happy to offer suggestions, ideas, and discuss various methods of getting in touch. We also provide intermediary services at the conclusion of the search, if requested. We are here to support you and make sure you are as comfortable and confident as possible with the information we provide. Because we know and understand the personal and emotional nature of your decision to search, we will always treat you and whatever information you provide with compassion, understanding, and thoughtfulness.

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The Adoption Search Specialist
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